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Private Training

At Core Sport we offer a wide range of Private Training. Our goal is to individualize your program to meet your specific needs either for a specific sport or in a rehabilitative format. Our certified trainers specialize in several areas – Pre/Post Natal (watch for our Pilates Play Date Classes Mommy/Baby), Senior Programming, Sports Specific Training and Pre/Post Operative.

Everyone benefits from Private Training whether it to be utilized to help you integrate into our small group classes OR as a combination with regular class attendance (see our Platinum Membership Option).


Here’s how you can get started

Want to get aquatinted with our program/equipment so you can take advantage of our Reformer Classes?

Book Private Intro

Necessary prior to attending group Reformer Classes


Private Training Rates

5 Private Sessions – $400 ($80/ea)
10 Private Sessions – $750 ($75/ea)


Master Training Rates

Single Master Training Session – $100
5 Master Training Session – $475/client ($95/ea)
10 Master Training Session – $900/client ($90/ea)


Duet Training Rates

5 Duet Sessions – $300/client ($60/ea)
10 Duet Sessions – $550/client ($55/ea)

We look forward to being a integral part of your personal transformation! There’s NO better feeling than being strong and healthy! Exercise is not a choice, it’s a necessity! You’re body is a GIFT, honor it daily and it will serve you!

Pilates Fit Facts

  • Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long.
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