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Chanda Fetter

Studio Owner, Master Trainer: A Santa Barbara resident since 1991, Chanda has incredible credentials and history in the Fitness Industry. She has been certifying and mentoring pilates instructors both locally and globally for over 20 years. Some she has mentored are Jenny Schatzle, Emilee Garfield and countless other fitness professionals, pilates and otherwise here in SB. She’s presented for the IDEA World Convention, Master Presented all across the US and managed three local Gold’s Gyms for over 15 years. Chanda then decided to take her shot in creating her own vision and has owned/operated Core Sport since 2007. Her career path started as a Professional Ballet Dancer for Sacramento Ballet. She trained with Ballet West Colorado, San Francisco Ballet and Boston Ballet prior to hanging up her pointe shoes and moving to Santa Barbara. Her schooling was focused on Sociology, Fitness and Physical Therapy. These tools have helped her develop a unique studio model like no other. Her passion is helping people understand and get more out of their bodies which then provides the opportunity to have a better and more fulfilling quality of life!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Spinning, TRX, ACE, NASM

Natalie Harper

Instructor and Trainer: Natalie previously owned and operated her own Pilates studio in Toronto, but has sense moved here to SB as she and her husband own The Red Piano Bar downtown on State Street. She has an extensive training background and great knowledge of the body and how to better improve movement and performance. Her skills make her an excellent Private Trainer as well, she has an easy going personality yet holds high expectations on her clients which makes her a perfect combination!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Mat, Barre.

John Clements

Instructor and Trainer: John has a deep passion for Pilates, so much so that he decided to turn from a client to a trainer! His knowledge of the body, movement and form have earned him a place on our team. His approach with people is one of great integrity, he’s an excellent example and can communicate with great detail how to get the best result possible for every exercise! Life long resident of Santa Barbara, we know you’ll enjoy your experiences with him!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat.

Amber Bruckner

Instructor & Personal Trainer: Amber was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She attended San Francisco State University on a Tennis Scholarship, where she competed as their #1 player on the team. Upon completing her BA in Photojournalism she traveled extensively, eventually returning to Santa Barbara. Amber first became interested in personal training with her own practice that has changed her life. She is dedicated to helping others finding the same path. For seven years, Amber was a Personal Trainer at both Gold’s Gym and Spectrum Health Club. The development of her practice with Core Sport Pilates strengthened her techniques and understanding of the body, helping her clients attain their goals. Fitness is her passion and she is dedicated to physical fitness and its benefits for the body and mind.
Certifications: Pilates Reformer & Mat.

Megan Ciarlo

Instructor & Personal Training: Megan graduated from UCSB in 2013 with a double major in Dance and Zoology. She grew up in Sacramento, CA and has been a ballet and modern dancer all of her life. Because of her dance training, she was exposed to and fell in love with Pilates at a young age. Megan was introduced to Core Sport Pilates when she joined Nebula Dance Lab, a local modern dance company currently in residence at Core Sport Pilates Santa Barbara. She started her training to become a Core Sport instructor shortly after. Megan also works as a Cell Biologist for an Owl Biomedical in Goleta.
Certifications: Pilates Reformer & Mat, Spinning, TRX, Booty Barre.

Libby Straight

Instructor & Personal Training: Libby has a passion for biking and fitness. Libby works out at UCSB in the Engineering Department as well as teaches Spinning, Core Cycle and TRX. Her workouts are fun and effective, she is a great coach with a back for helping those who are new to our studio or to fitness in general. Libby is fully committed to everything she does, you are cordially invited to come play with her in one of her classes!
Certifications: Spinning, TRX.

Daniel Berman

Instructor: Daniel brings a great energy, wisdom and music to his rides. He’s an awesome example on the bike and is great about helping you enhance your experience in every class! Originally from NY, Daniel works in the Wine Industry as a Broker, the perfect balance from his fitness lifestyle! Come enjoy an awesome ride with him, you won’t be disappointed!
Certifications: Spinning.

About 4 months ago, I was recovering from a broken ankle, desperate to get moving again but unclear in which direction. I’m a pretty active 70 year old woman but I’m not a fan of regular gyms and ...

My life has changed since I first walked through the door. Physically, my core muscles are stronger, my body is toned, and in just 6 months, due to exercise and new diet, I dropped 20lbs.

I started out doing 2 privates on the reformer a week. I saw results immediately. My posture improved dramatically. I built muscle mass. My legs, abs, and upper body all got stronger. People notice...

The smaller setting promotes focus and ease during workouts, and allows the members to receive more attention from staff. And it allows for a natural environment for people to develop genuine conne...

I just turned 60 and I believe that I am in the best shape of my life, physically and emotionally due to all of the fabulous instructors here!

Many people suggest Pilates, but I never thought exercise could cure my pain. I can’t not imagine these classes and exercises not being a part of my life. My back pain went from an 8 to a 0.

Friends, clients, and family members have all commented positively on the changes in my body. I am in better shape now than I was in my twenties, and I’m now 37 with a 3 year old child. I feel stro...

A genuine thank you to the staff for your commitment to fitness, your unfailing support, and for continuing to raise the bar in the quality of service you offer.

I had never worked with a trainer before, and I had my doubts in doing so, but I decided to give it a try. That was 5 years ago and I have been training with Chanda privately and taking classes eve...

The key to exercise is DOING it. Yes, I have exercised since I quit smoking 30 years ago, but never had the results I have had since joining Core Sport 4 years ago. I have reduced my body fat to 19...

I can really tell the difference that coming regularly has made in my strength and stamina, and yes, even some muscle definition that I don’t think I’ve had since high school.

The size of classes and the intimate setting of the studio help me feel safe a be supported by other women.

I love the camaraderie of my fellow members. They inspire me to work harder and the laughter, terrific music, and the care that everyone shows for one another is a very important factor in choosing...