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Chanda Fetter

Studio Owner, Master Trainer: A Santa Barbara resident since 1991, Chanda has incredible credentials and history in the Fitness Industry. She has been certifying and mentoring pilates instructors both locally and globally for over 20 years. Some she has mentored are Jenny Schatzle, Emilee Garfield and countless other fitness professionals, pilates and otherwise here in SB. She’s presented for the IDEA World Convention, Master Presented all across the US and managed three local Gold’s Gyms for over 15 years. Chanda then decided to take her shot in creating her own vision and has owned/operated Core Sport since 2007. Her career path started as a Professional Ballet Dancer for Sacramento Ballet. She trained with Ballet West Colorado, San Francisco Ballet and Boston Ballet prior to hanging up her pointe shoes and moving to Santa Barbara. Her schooling was focused on Sociology, Fitness and Physical Therapy. These tools have helped her develop a unique studio model like no other. Her passion is helping people understand and get more out of their bodies which then provides the opportunity to have a better and more fulfilling quality of life!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Spinning, TRX, ACE, NASM

LJ Mintz

Studio Manager, Master Trainer: With over 20 years as a movement professional, L.J. brings an artistic quality combined with a scientific approach to moving the body. Beginning dance and gymnastics at the age of 3, and circus arts at age 10, her natural interest in human movement continued with a BS in Exercise Physiology, as well as multiple Pilates and fitness certifications. Her professional performing career brought her around the globe to work with circuses including Big Apple Circus and Cirque Du Soliel. While she wasn’t training or performing, L.J. shared her love of circus arts, Pilates, and physical fitness by teaching diverse populations in several different forms of movement.  Her talents extend to the business end of fitness, she co-founded The Flying Trapeze School in Miami, FL and has managed numerous fitness facilities since.
Certifications:  Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, TRX, Barre, Aerial

Amber Bruckner

Instructor & Personal Trainer: Amber was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She attended San Francisco State University on a Tennis Scholarship, where she competed as their #1 player on the team. Upon completing her BA in Photojournalism she traveled extensively, eventually returning to Santa Barbara. Amber first became interested in personal training with her own practice that has changed her life. She is dedicated to helping others finding the same path. For seven years, Amber was a Personal Trainer at both Gold’s Gym and Spectrum Health Club. The development of her practice with Core Sport Pilates strengthened her techniques and understanding of the body, helping her clients attain their goals. Fitness is her passion and she is dedicated to physical fitness and its benefits for the body and mind.
Certifications: Pilates Reformer & Mat.

John Clements

Instructor and Trainer: John has a deep passion for Pilates, so much so that he decided to turn from a client to a trainer! His knowledge of the body, movement and form have earned him a place on our team. His approach with people is one of great integrity, he’s an excellent example and can communicate with great detail how to get the best result possible for every exercise! Life long resident of Santa Barbara, we know you’ll enjoy your experiences with him!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat.

Shelby Caputo

Instructor & Personal Trainer: Shelby earned a BFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. in Modern Dance Performance and Dance Composition. She has enjoyed a rich dance career of performing, teaching, and choreographing nationally with numerous companies and choreographers. She is currently a resident choreographer for SBCC Dance Company, Nebula Dance Lab, State Street Ballet’s Professional Track Program and Gustafson Dance.  She was even the recipient of a 2018 Santa Barbara Independent ‘Indy’ award for her choreography.  Her passion has lead her to Pilates Instruction, working with dancers as well as general populations and offering rehab methods through movement.  She has a niche with Senior Fitness as well, her skills run the spectrum.  While teaching for Core Sport she is also actively participating in the Nursing Program through SBCC.
Certifications:  Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Barre

Emma Lawrence

Instructor: Originally from Hanover, Pennsylvania, Emma moved to Santa Barbara to pursue her ballet training at State Street Ballet in Santa Barbara. In addition to taking ballet class every day, she decided to get her certification in Pilates Barre so she could share her passion for dance in a cardio-based class. She was thrilled to join the team at Core Sport as a Barre Instructor and has hopes of expanding her fitness certifications in the future. In addition to studying ballet and teaching barre, she is majoring in Accounting at the Pennsylvania State University online campus. Finally, she teaches ballet and other styles of dance to younger students around the Santa Barbara area. 
Certifications:  Barre

Megan Ciarlo

Instructor & Personal Trainer: Megan graduated from UCSB in 2013 with a double major in Dance and Zoology. She grew up in Sacramento, CA and has been a ballet and modern dancer all of her life. Because of her dance training, she was exposed to and fell in love with Pilates at a young age. Megan was introduced to Core Sport Pilates when she joined Nebula Dance Lab, a local modern dance company currently in residence at Core Sport Pilates Santa Barbara. She started her training to become a Core Sport instructor shortly after. Megan also works as a Cell Biologist for an Owl Biomedical in Goleta.
Certifications: Pilates Reformer & Mat, Spinning, TRX, Booty Barre.

Natalie Harper

Instructor: Natalie previously owned and operated her own Pilates studio in Toronto, but has sense moved here to SB as she and her husband own The Red Piano Bar downtown on State Street. She has an extensive training background and great knowledge of the body and how to better improve movement and performance. Her skills make her an excellent Private Trainer as well, she has an easy going personality yet holds high expectations on her clients which makes her a perfect combination!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Mat, Barre.

Daniel Berman

Trainer: Brings a great energy, wisdom and music to his rides. He’s an awesome example on the bike and is great about helping you enhance your experience in every class! Originally from NY, Daniel works in the Wine Industry as a Broker, the perfect balance from his fitness lifestyle! Come enjoy an awesome ride with him, you won’t be disappointed!
Certifications: Spinning.

Mary Raven

Mary has a passion for fitness as well as being a smarty pants! She has a B.S. in Biopsychology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Behavior area of Physchology from UCSB. Mary works in the technology transfer office at UCSB and now encourages the commercial development of inventions from UCSB. Swimming was Mary’s first love, marathons came in second, then after dealing with a host of injuries, Pilates has taken the lead. After rehabilitating and embracing the benefits of Pilates, Mary is excited to share her expertise with others!
Certifications: Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat

Pilates Fit Facts

  • Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long.
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